Update – Level Scaling & New buildings

January 31st, 2019


  • Ship upgrades are now available.
  • Ship Command requirements are now implemented, certain ships/ranks will require a minimum Command level
  • Damage has been scaled up. Let me know what you think.
  • Honest Joes has been implemented, you are now able to sell/buy ships(edited)
  • Faction council command level has been lowered to 50


  • New faction images/logo’s


  • Minor code changes


  • Building skill requirements have been adjusted: Rank 1: Skill 1 Rank 2: Skill 25 Rank 3: Skill 50 Rank 4: Skill 75 Rank 5: Skill 125

January 24th, 2019


  • Incoming Discord Channel Revamp
  • Two new moderators added: Squibeel and Orca
  • We will be adopting a far less lenient position on combative, provocative, and overly defensive communication.

We will exercise our discretion as to what is appropriate or not. Please report problem behaviour to the Moderator team.


  • All Active Councilors Removed
  • Adjusted motion votes down from 5 to 3.
  • Reset All Faction Statuses to Neutral
  • Reset All faction balances to 100000cr.


  • Allow two buildings of each defensive type per player.
  • -increased the output of planet guns by 5, increased shield output by 1 Ship Changes
  • Added Ship EXP gain
  • It gains experience at ~60% the rate of the player. Experience shows in Starship screen
  • Future Update will include upgrading
  • Patreon Supporters can now commission named ships
  • We reserve the right to rename ships at our discretion.
  • May take 24hrs to take effect Character Skills: MAJOR CHANGE PLEASE READ
  • Refunded all current player XP
  • Implemented new flatter XP formula: Total exp to reach 255 in all 6 skills remains the same.
  • Skills will need to be reassigned.
  • Cost per rank changed to flatter distribution, rather than exponential.
  • Your Skills WILL be lower.


  • Disabled PvP (planet and player) in-home systems
  • Implement Piloting requirement to see star systems. These are still the same as the OG Help site
  • Increased mining yield from 24/hit to 120/hit.
  • Rank 5 Minerals Temporarily removed from the game


  • Added an array of additional admin controls.
  • Added Admin NPC editor
  • Removed the 3 starbase builders people purchased
  • Removed the active summary from the registration summary
  • With the intention tore add faction lore statement