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Latest Updates & Changelogs

Danzo Shimura

Massive update coming ASAP!

Hi everyone, It’s been a while now since we’ve put out an update and considering all that is transpiring both in and out of game it seems a favourable time that we let you know where we are with various aspects. (we’ve got to do our bit to keep you from venturing outside!) For some time now our collective effort has been focused on rebuilding the ISW of old, improving and rebalancing where possible, filling in the blanks where our memories have failed us and overcoming the various challenges we’ve had along the way. More…

Danzo Shimura

QoL & Bugfixes

The development team has been very busy smashing bugs and bringing out QoL updates for a very broad part of the game to make things more smooth. Also, the first concept of Wreckage works now in the game. Ship graphic concept revealed as well for the Battlecruiser of the Terran empire. Some sneak peaks on what is coming and so much more. More…

Danzo Shimura

Update – Balancing & QoL

Several balancing updates, fixes and QoL’s have been released this month. From ship speeds, combat values to fix for building system 2.0. We also put out several updates to improve quality of life as right mouse click menu on maps to make overlapping less horrible. Transports now can move up to 100K! More…