Acturus – The Alliance – The Orfine

Following the signing of the Accords, the Alpha called a Great Hunt for any remaining Directorate forces. They scouted into the Galactic Northwest, and encountered Preserver ships.  The Preservers told them about the Morchedi and the grand plan they had.  The Alpha believed the Preservers to be Directorate agents seeking to sway them back and the War of Independence began.  

A long standing border war carried on for decades, primarily enforced by the Orfine.  The Orfine scouted the extent of their borders, expanding into unclaimed territory, and pushing the boundaries wherever they could.  The Alpha swore they would never again be servants to an outside power. The Alpha became undisputed leader of the Orfine.  His pronouncements and plans for the Orfine became law and was enforced by his Packmasters.  

While the hunt continued, the Orfine core experienced a renaissance of art and music.  Warriors who had never expressed themselves composed operas, produced concerts and painted masterpieces.  The cultural revolution showed them that they had a great deal more than war to offer.  

Their expansion into the galactic Northeast ran them afoul of the Dagon, an expansionist race from beyond the edge of the galaxy.  They proved to be a worthy opponent who challenged the Orfine beyond what they believed possible.  The Alpha feared his warriors would become soft without a challenge and he began a war with the Dagon that continues to this day.  

Until ISY-250 the Plexxans and the Orfine retained the separation that began after the Accords.