March 3rd, 2019

For some time now we have been considering what is best for the ongoing testing of the game. It won’t come as a shock that you have all, in your own ways, have had a big impact on helping shape and inform the direction we have taken so far. Something we are very grateful for. As part of doing what you do, you have perhaps helped us in reviewing the process so far. When we consider the OG or any alpha for that matter, a lot of what is available is refined before proceeding to further stages and I suspect it’s fair to say we’ve perhaps leapt further than intended to give you as much of the OG back as possible. This has brought with it a raft of issues, some new and some from over a decade ago. As a result and to help us get things moving we have tinkered, adjusted, balanced and will continue to do so to mitigate as much as we can as quickly as we can. One issue we are unable to outrightly resolve right now is that of numbers and time, we appreciate everyone has lived now (we are after all 10 years older than we once were) and things have changed. We leapt quite far in adding all the factions (hence why the governments are the same) and adding other aspects of the game and feel at this stage it would be best to course correct. The idea has been floated a few times about reducing the number of active factions, we avoided this action to not impede us in testing the full spectrum of ships but in reality, it’s impossible not to tackle this problem head-on. It’s not a new problem but for now, we are proposing the following: – We will reduce the game to TWO active factions (+pirates). – All ships will be made available to both factions (not the admin ones…. I know you were thinking it) – We will reset the map/ships (unparked) once a month – We will record the score and think up some potential rewards (ideas?)

By doing this we hope you will all be able to have access to more of the game, more frequently on set terms that everyone understands. If you want to draw a line across the map and hold hands that’s fine but hopefully, you will all have the numbers to actually play and not feel consigned to a starbase or training forevermore.

The Two factions that will be used at this stage are the Brood and Matrix…. The monsters vs the robots if you will… great tales to be told

This is not going to be an immediate thing … we will pencil a date and allow you all to pick a side and balance the two as best we can. Further factions will be unlocked when we feel there are sufficient numbers