Starbase Interface

Starbase Interface (Left Side)

  • Name of Starbase/Faction – Example: “Starbase: Brunneran. [Federation]”.
  • Players currently not in command of a ship waiting with name, health, profile picture and affiliated rank. (That rank depends on how much total XP you spend on skill points.)
  • Docked ships: This section shows all ships docked at the starbase at that moment. You can either use any of those that are not commanded yet, ask for a ship in the chat screen (soon to be explained) or buy your own ship if you have starting credits. (Depends on Faction/Race)
  • Honest Joe’s Used ships: Market for ships that your faction sells or other players who sell ships to your faction for credits.
  • Private Parking: Your personal shipyard. Looks the same as Docked Ships it is just private. (How you can do this will be explained a bit later on)

Starbase Interface (Right Side)

  • Actions(If you are in a ship): Launch, Disembark, Park(Private parking), Decommission(sell)
  • Commission a Starship: Buy your faction ships here!
  • Mineral direct sale. A player sale is by using Character Interface “resources”
  • Mineral Player Buy you can do if you are in a ship. A similar screen will open with “buy” instead of a sale. Just select the mineral and fill in quantity and press buy. You bought X amount of a mineral from a player. In order to see this screen you need to have resources on the starbase present!