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Latest Updates & Changelogs

Danzo Shimura

Update – Balancing & QoL

Several balancing updaes, fixes and QoL’s have been released this month. From ship speeds, combat values to fixes for building system 2.0. We also put out several updates to improve quality of life as right mouse click menu on maps to make overlapping less horrible. Transports now can move up to 100K! More…

Danzo Shimura

Building 2.0 – Sept to Dec 2019

The building 2.0 update has been launched at December 27th, 2019. With this update several new changes have been added and modified the entire gameplay in terms of credits, minerals and buildings. Buildings now are built by use of credits instead of minerals. Buildings are no longer in tiers, but with levels. Some buildings have been added, others removed. More…

Danzo Shimura

Code of Conduct – July to Aug

In this update the Code of Conduct has been updated. Several Starbase tweaks have been released together with additional updates and tweaks on ships, tick improvement, server stability, drop in latency, smoother transitions between the pages. Several visual changes to factions, tactical and hyperspace have been added with this update. The Cove Base has also been repaired. More…