Starmap & Hyperdrive

If you are in local system/Tactical you can see on your right side your ship. If your hyperdrive/Jump engines are on green you get the button “Hyperdrive”. This isn’t an instant action. It will require 2 tics of 15 seconds at least to jump out. Combat hyper jumping is no longer possible! Once clicked it will say “Charging”. Then you get automatically moved to your star map. Also accessible through your left menu tab upper corner.

This is your star map. The mechanics are similar to Tactical/Local system.
You click any system and press on the left “Move to system” until you are on top of it than “Enter The System”. Choose wisely where you go! Enemies will be everywhere!
Once you enter it is up to you what you are planning to do in that system. To jump back out it’s simply “hyperdrive” again, let it charge, then move in Starmap again.