Factions & Motions with their limitations!

Faction Screen (left side)

  • Faction Stats: Credit Balance, Tax Rate, Kind of goverment and total members of the faction
  • Council: Council leader and councilers by name!
  • Motions voted – History of motions or currently going on. Also the red number in the menu balk

Faction Screen (right side)

  • Actions: Dimensional Pocket is a pvp battle zone to test your skills! Issue motions to issue motions. A lot of different kinds and new ones being added all the time. Diplomacy, gift credits, gift ships, make new council members, fire members, give titles, ….
  • Faction standing towards other factions
  • Most wanted
  • Planets in possession of your faction. Value, income, tier if it has starbase, how much its total upkeep is. Etc…


When you reach 50 command you can vote. If your faction appoints you as a council (name changes per faction) you can vote motions. Motions are very diverse this goes from dismissing players (taking voting rights) to appointing new leaders, buy ships for players of your faction, send credits to other factions, create alliances, declare wars, …..

Every motion is a vote approx 2-3 votes depending on the severity of the motion. If majority votes “Yes” the vote becomes green and is active. If the majority votes “No” then the motion becomes red and is cancelled.

Faction limitations

Since short mining other factions planets are no longer possible without being allianced.

Since short taking/trading ships of other factions are no longer possible without an alliance.