Mining & First Credits

If you click the planet (either on the map or left: short range scanner) and press “Move to Orbit” and wait for the ticks you will see that in your weapon systems your mining laser become “Active” and can be clicked upon to “mine”. Depending on the miner’s cargo(several different mining ships exist) you can mine approx 120 pieces of minerals per “mine” per mining laser. If your cargo like, in this case, is 1200 you must mine, wait for tick, mine again until your mining lasers go “Offline” will show red right in systems/Modules or left in weapons systems. (Turn them back on in case you want to use them again later after selling your minerals). Keep in mind that in order to mine planets, moons or asteroids under another faction control has to be allied to you in order to be able to do so. If not, then you can’t mine them. Note: Make sure your builder module is offline. Or it won’t show mining!

Now you extracted your minerals until your cargo is full. So head back to Starbase( Press short range scanners or on the map) your starbase. Click “Move to Dock” and wait until docking finished. (Full cargo can also be noticed from chat. The chat gives you additional info. Don’t forget to check)

Back to Starbase

You are back at your starbase and left you to see:

  • – Disembark: Leave the commanded ship
  • – Launch: Launch back to the tactical/local map
  • – Park (fee Cr): Private Parking
  • – Repair: Repair your ship(Unavailable)
  • – Decommission: Sell ship!

First, click on your ship on the right side of the screen or click in right upper menu tab “starship”.

Click on “Unload”. Go back to tab “Starbase”

Now select your mineral in this case “Magnesium” sells for 1 cr x quantity (48) so by selling them I get 48 credits! Just press the button “Sell”. You earned your first credits commander! Don’t forget you can sell them to players(takes longer) by using Character interface. You just have to put your price per quantity in and press sell!

It is up to you to learn and find out through talking to your faction players, community or your intelligence what is a most efficient way to gain credits by mining! Once you have enough credits you can buy your first combat ship!