QoL and Bugfixes

Ship/Game Graphics

We have been a touch quiet for a while regarding new ship images and graphics. There have been a few reasons for this (aside the sheer daunting task that it represents) however I am pleased that we are now at a stage to share a bit of a teaser with you. @⚜ Karalyn (Valkyrie) ⚜ Has very, very kindly agreed to consider and design updated ship assets for the game, this will help both with the ships but also our Inventory/construction expansions planned this year. We’ve looking to adopt an isometric (mock 3D) style to help add to the game whilst maintaining a nod to the old and provide a lot more perspective to the ships. I’m sure you will all agree with us what @⚜ Karalyn (Valkyrie) ⚜ has done as an AMAZING job on this Invincible Mk2 Mockup (taken from the flat image of the game). It’s been a pleasure for us to see this progress (through many steps which I’m sure Kara may share)… Let us and @⚜ Karalyn (Valkyrie) ⚜ know what you think!

– Chat indicator added to OOC for testing, much as discord it will indicate if any other player is typing (give it a whirl

— Adjusted to remove flickering – The chat box will now expand to fit the text as you type 22 February 2020

– Starbase ship stats bars updated, these will now remain correct with ship adjustments. — Handling added to ship stats bars

– Lowered explorer shield HP121126

🅰 Dr. Strange26/02/2020

– Planet health bars updated to show the correct values. – Warning added if you try to board a ship in the starbase without first disembarking – Targeted ships shields are now visible – Image type support updated to support some upcoming updates – Fix move to 0 issue for mining (previously required you to refresh) – Fix scanner distance not correctly updating

🅰 Dr. Strange26/02/2020

– Go to line re-added (both to tactical and the starmap) – Fix remote building images (reported by Mac)1

🅰 Dr. Strange26/02/2020

– update button styles for ship modules (let us know your thoughts) — Invalid modules notices are no longer shown (the modules are just not shown for invalid targets) — Offline modules are no longer shown in the modules list (targeting)(edited)2 March 2020

🅰 Dr. Strange02/03/2020

@everyone The arena has been added, it will operate every 30 minuets, and will require a minimum of two participants. Please note that you’ll need to keep an eye on tactical (and perhaps refresh) when the arena starts for the moment. The victor will be announced and OOC will post messages to keep you updated. A reward is given as well! Some wallet options have also been added to the character page – Transfer to player – Transfer to faction – Place bounty on Bounties are now supported and shown on the faction page, if you kill a ship containing any crew member with a bounty you will be rewarded that bounty (happy hunting)(edited)1[02:52]– Oh, also in the Arena and DP you can now target/shoot your own factions!(edited)

🅰 Dr. Who (Community Manager)02/03/2020

@everyone An issue has been bought to our attention with the new “Transfer credits to player” function. Please refrain from sending players money whilst we resolve this.

🅰 Dr. Strange02/03/2020

– For those who’s balance’s where effected, these have been restored and an update put in place… it should hopefully be fixed13 March 2020

🅰 Dr. Strange13/03/2020

– Adjusted arena messages to only show temporarily. These won’t remain if you refresh the page and are no longer in the log. The victor will be posted/saved in the chat and log however (for now)(edited)

🅰 Dr. Strange13/03/2020

– Docking, Hypering and orbiting a planet should now happen on the tick (as before) vs the tick after (due to the recent tick optimisation). Please let me know how you get on as this might not work in all instances (TBC)[01:42]– Fix planet images on planet view19 March 2020

🅰 Dr. Who (Community Manager)19/03/2020

@everyone You can now follow us on Twitter @ISWDevs We’ll keep things updated there as much as possible, as well as here and in game20 March 2020

🅰 Dr. Strange20/03/2020

– Discord damage alerts have been added to planets (previously only starbases), where a starbase is present in the system(edited)21 March 2020

🅰 Dr. Strange21/03/2020

– Fix added for auto re-docking (when undocking) – Wallet history added – Inventory separated – Discord message added(edited)23 March 2020

🅰 Dr. Strange23/03/2020

– 90+ ship images corrected – Planet damage is now real time (no need to refresh) – Starbase damage is now real time (no need to refresh) – Some significant changes to how tactical is loaded/works have been made behind the scenes to allow for some fixes and bigger incoming changes – Support for asteroid belts has been added(edited)128 March 2020

– fix short range scanner images29 March 2020

🅰 Dr. Strange29/03/2020

– Refactor Remote building, it should now load considerably faster (down from 6+ seconds to 300ms in testing) – Add Structure view, this allows you to see a summary of your structures on every planet. — Clicking on any planet will load the map view with the planet pre targeted — When viewing any system the structure view will filter to just that system – Adjustments for future buildings.