The Three Stars: Castor, Acturus & Vega

For time immemorial, the Triple Star Directorate held sway over the Vega, Castor and Arcturus solar systems.  

The Directorate was dominated by the mysterious Supreme Director, a distant figure who oversaw all aspects of the caste system that powered his vast holdings.  Every member of the Directorate was rigidly controlled and placed like cogs within a vast machine.  Citizens were granted numbers instead of names and toiled endlessly under the iron fist of the Director’s legions.

The Director developed and bred races to suit his needs. Hulking Canids were warriors and soldiers, trained from birth to obey and enforce his rule.  Graceful Felinids acted as his spies, assassins and secret police.  Strong and intelligent Hominids were his grunt workers and manufacturers. 

The rebellion had long become a distant memory, hope destroyed and individuality was beaten from the populace. Every being had their place, the deviation was destruction.  The Director ruled and controlled everything, until one day in the year 255.222, as reckoned by Plexxan historians, the Triple Star Directorate entered it’s 10,000th year of control and the Director’s commands ceased.  

The Felinids stepped in to fill the power vacuum and seized power.  Their rule proved even more brutal than the Director, and far more arbitrary.  They committed atrocities on a whim, lived lavishly, and within a decade had exhausted all stockpiles and reserves and had ground the entire directorate to a halt.  

In 255.232 the Hominids rebelled first in Castor, demanding food, water, and basic necessities.  The New Directorate deployed Canid enforcers and slaughtered thousands of innocent workers, but the brutality only spurred more workers to rebellion, and the Castor Revolution began.  Through sheer numbers, the humans overwhelmed the Canids and the New Directorate leaders, and the first Freemen declared their people’s independence, and took control of the Directorate fleet in orbit.  The Felinids fled to Vega in the face of the rebellion.  

In Arcturus, the Felinids took advantage of the Canids by using them for entertainment in fighting pits and as slaves.  When the Castor Revolution began, news spread to Arcturus, and a slave revolt began.  Led by the Alpha, the Canids tore through the Felinids, taking vengeance for centuries of mistreatment.  They captured the fleet in orbit and proceeded to cleanse the Arcturus system of Felinids before continuing to Vega, where the Alpha and his warriors eradicated the remaining Felinids, leaving only smoking ruins and piles of corpses.  

The Canids moved next to Castor, intending to do the same, but found that Plexxa was defended by a fleet that hailed them and gave warning that they were independent from the directorate.  The Alpha acknowledged their sovereignty and moved his fleet back to Arcturus.  Settling back on Orfang and the spacestation Olfus, they chose to call themselves the Orfine Alliance, and chose Alpha as the leader.  

Lead by the Assembly on Plexxa, the hominids now called themselves the Plexxan Federation of Freemen.  The leader of the Orfine, the Alpha, met with the Assembly and together they created the New Dawn Accords in 255.237 (ISY 15).  These accords stipulated that they would not interfere with each others, but would come to the other’s aid if outsiders invaded.