Betelgeux – The Hive – Hive

Within the star system of Betelgeux, a vast society of space-faring insectoids called the Hive had constructed an elaborate planet-spanning hive.  Comprised of dozens of co-operative insect species, they were diverse and numerous.  They were controlled by the Hivemind, who dwelled within the Nest in orbit over Aithilis.  The Hive was organized in a rigid hierarchy by duty;  Workers, Warriors, Drones, Keepers, Nobles and Queens.  

Every couple hundred years, after the population had grown too large, and the system filled to capacity, the Hivemind unleashed the billions of Hive in a galactic locust swarm.  They attacked to captured resources, settle new worlds and establish new colonies for the Hivemind.  The event was cataclysmic for any world caught in the path of the swarm, and even advanced civilizations fell before it.

After millenia like this, in the midst of the largest swarm the Hivemind had ever mustered, the commands ceased.  The Hiveswarm had spread as far as Deneb, Proxima, and even Algol, but without direction, descended into chaos and were driven back to Betelgeux.  

The Queens, who maintained the hives and different races of the Hive, convened in the Nest uncertain of their direction.  One Queen, the leader of the Klakanid Arachnids, gathered her people and departed, rejoicing the the freedom for her people to pursue their own agenda.  The other Queens, however, saw strength in unity.  They reiterated their purpose of growing and spreading, maintaining order and structure for their peoples, and established the new Hivemind.  This would be a Council of Queens who would guide by consensus, ensuring the survival of all their species. 

They continued the patterns, and twice over the following two hundred and fifty years, the Hive unleashed a swarm.  The first spread into the Galactic center, but was repulsed by Preservers and Kolari, who though refusing to cooperate were able to stem the tide.  The second spread to the Galactic southeast.  They split, some assaulting the Proxima system, much to the delight of the inhabitants there.  

The others surged eastward until they encountered a nightmarish race of ravenous monsters.  The Hive were no match for this new threat, they were the perfect target for these monsters, and suffered terribly at their hands before retreating back to Betelgeux, shattered.  

The Swarm pattern would continue though, and the Hive rebuilt.  They gathered their strength, preparing for the next swarm out into the greater galaxy.