Video Quick Guide

  • Click Starbase => Buy ship 100 cr miner => You will see your ship interface. Faction Minerals.
  • Ensure your systems are “on” or “green” if you look at it from the map if you launched.
  • Click the launch button.
  • Click planet to mine. Focus on Tier 2 planet/roid/moon that contains your
  • Click “Move to orbit” and wait until you are at 0 Mkm.
  • Your guns/weapons system should now say (at left) “Mine”.
  • Click Mine (each of the weapons) and it gives you 240 minerals.
  • Rinse and repeat. Every tick, 15 seconds, it reloads.
  • Than click starbase => Move to Dock. Wait, once docked you unload(click ship)
  • Than click starbase, you will see at right side menu to sell resources.
  • First credits are made. Rinse and repeat until you have enough credits for combat ship.

First Combat Experience

  • Buy combat ship, assign yourself as commander and launch.
  • Click enemy and get in the range between 50->75 mkm.
  • Guns are always available but you will miss above 75 mkm depending on the ship.
  • Click fire on each gun. Every salvo reloads every tick. 
  • Keep doing that and repairing (right screen) until you kill your enemy.
  • First XP gained. Keep doing that until you have enough XP to upgrade your skills.
  • Best to focus on command (25) so you can have Tier 2 combat ships available for easier NPC hunting.

Building and Structures

  • You need credits and Build Skill 5
  • You need a ship with build module
  • You fly towards the planet, asteroid or moon to 0 mkh
  • You press “managing structures”
  • You see all faction systems.
  • You press a faction system then a celestial body
  • You build first 1 Basic Foundation
  • Then you can build remotely through “Planet” in the left menu bar
  • You can build manually to and stack up to 5Q’s!