Algol – Matrix – The Preservers

When the Kolari broke free, the Morchedi knew that they had limited time to prepare the galaxy for what was to come. Their control and influence would begin to wane and eventually disappear. Many held to their goals of guiding and preparing the races of the galaxy. Most knew that they had likely failed. Tens of thousands of years of effort would go to waste if everything ended with them.  

So the Morchedi assembled a vast store of knowledge and the entirety of history on Algol IV. A supercomputer and A.I. called the Vault would be the curator of their legacy.  Sensing their impending doom, they set about creating a new type of intelligent machine to act as a record of their dying society. Thus the Preservers would be born in the final throes of other lives, programmed to awaken upon the disappearance of the Morchedi.

In 0 Interstellar Year (ISY), according to the Vault, the Morchedi vanished and the Preservers awoke.  They immediately began their mission to protect and disseminate the knowledge of the Vault.  First, they constructed a massive space station in orbit called the Central Processing Unit, which would serve as the base of operations from which they would accomplish their mission.  

There were innumerable types of Preserver, purpose-built to aid in the grand plan, and new types constantly designed and constructed.  Each new generation was quicker, stronger and better, and completely dedicated.  Old and obsolete models were upgraded or replaced. 

Over the next two centuries, they would experience only hostility and failure in their mission.  Each race they approached saw them as invaders and destroyed them or ignored them.  Until they made contact with the Explorer ships of the Terran Empire.  Their leader seemed fascinated with the promise of Morchedi knowledge and sent his best scientists to the Vault in ISY-163. 

The scientists proved instead to be his best warriors, the Stormguard, and they ransacked the venerable halls of the Vault, stealing as much information as they could and destroying what remained.  The venerable AI of the Vault lost most of its vast intelligence and nearly all knowledge of the Morchedi.   

The Preservers were unprepared for such barbarism and the Terrans escaped unharmed, but they would never make such a mistake again.  The Preservers took it upon themselves to find and resurrect their creators and applied themselves to the task of acquiring the technology to achieve this.  Their efforts proved futile time and time again. In 250 ISY, they continued this goal, undaunted, pursuing their cause with machine tenacity.