Basic Interface

Main Tab Menu Left

  • Character: Brings you to your character screen.
  • Faction: Brings you to your faction screen.
  • Starbase: A base where you dock, repair, buy, sell ships and materials.
  • Tactical brings you to the local map.
  • Starmap brings you to the maps with all the star systems.

Main Tab Menu Right

  • Starship: Access your personal ship-menu.
  • Log: To look into your combat/chat/… logs.
  • Planet: To access remote building or start building directly when orbiting a body.
  • Board: An accessible board to receive announcements or talk with your faction.
  • Options: Currently under construction.

Character Screen

  • Character: Name – Health
  • Race name
  • Faction name
  • Skill levels
  • Statistics
  • Resources stored on Starbases: To sell them to players fill in price per unit. To load them into a ship(when at starbase) fill in the amount (cargo maximum of ship) & press update.
  • Personal Image(Under Construction)