Tactical Local Map Interface

In the previous page, you learned how to buy a ship and its interface in that page you learned also the action section of a ship and the launch action. If you succeeded to buy the Genesis ship, you can now press launch you will be launched into your local/tactical map. Which you can always find back in the left menu tabs above you.

Tactical map (Left side)

  • Name of targetted base, enemy or space. (In this case my own ship)
  • Intercept (for targets), Move to orbit(for celestial bodies) and Dock for Starbases!
  • Weapon systems: This case your mining lasers. (invalid cause you aren’t near planet, moon or asteroid!)

The Map (Center)

You see the map with planets, targets moving around, Space monsters(!) and many other things to enjoy! Underneath the brand new chat! Which we will see more in depth in one of the next posts!

Tactical map (Right side)

  • Logo of your ship
  • Blue Bar: Shields
  • Green/red health bar: Red means damage, green means health left!
  • Hyperdrive/repair hull/repair shield button/Cloak: Only visible if present or need repairs!
  • Statistics: Hull, shield, cargo, speed, ….
  • Scanner, systems, crew: These tabs will switch between the three!