Player Stories

Fed Minister
Intelligence, above arrogance.

Full Name: Danzo Shimura
Current Role: Mod/Fed LS
Race: Plexxan – Federation
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight

Age: 127
Date of Birth: 04.09.2773
Place of Birth: Unknown

The Darkness of a leader.

Two years before the coalition treaty the ministers of the federation chose a new leader named Danzo Shimura. The faction thrived for a decent while without issues. By limiting expansion and focusing on building up the factions defences and income we were able to build a stronghold enough to keep other forces out of our borders. Little did we know that four of our planets were infected by a species unknown to us back then, now known as the Hive & the Brood.

When we discovered the Brood ship nearby Castor system we didn’t realize the damage this ship could cause it consumed and infected the landscape, our soldiers and defences in a matter of hours on a scale we never have seen before. We retreated at once, back to our starbase while investigating other similar signals and distortions. We learned that the two signals and distortions were not similar and not one, but two invasive species. The Brood and the hive. Both were fundamentally different, but both were devastating. Day after day planets were lost, systems consumed. When we looked for the guidance of our leader, he could not decide what to do with it. Silently we all knew what had to happen, but nobody wants to give the command to annihilate entire ecosystems and planets. At this point, we may not have any other choice. After the invasive species, the hive and Brood attacked a strong point that was dear to our leader he took command of the extinction protocol. We fired and bombed all our lost systems, infected systems and systems who potentially could be infected. The brood and Hive invasion was stopped, but the cost was grave. We lost billions of people, animals and our ecosystems were destroyed for hundreds of years to come.

The ministers fought over the fact we should abandon or not abandon the planets. Our leader decided that it was our task to rebuild the planet’s ecosystem as we were the ones who destroyed it. Later that evening Danzo Shimura disappeared. and nobody has seen him since. Some say he went to the planets themselves to help out by hand, other says he was finding the purpose and location of the Hive & Brood species. Everyone knew one thing for sure the decision to annihilate our own people and planets left its mark on our leader and he will never be the same again if he ever appears again. Until now the ministers guide the faction with a fierce, but fair hand. Let us hope they do not stray from their paths as the road of power is a dangerous & deceptive one.

Alec Sharpe


Family, Loyalty, Empire

Full Name: Alexander William Sharpe
Race: Terran – Terran Empire
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Widower
Religion: Methodist Christian

Age: 57
Date of Birth: AD Calendar 21.04.2843
Place of Birth: Dahl Merak, Merak

Sharpe’s Eagle

Alec was born “Alexander William” on the planet Dahl Merak, Merak, Ursa Major to James Richard Sharpe, a local governor and former Ursa Major Fleet Officer, and Elizabeth de Poines. In his childhood, Alec had dreamed of leading a rebellion against the Terran Empire and used to always play “the bad guy” when he and his friends used to play Fleet Battles at break time on the schoolyard. Upon becoming a teenager Alec performed poorly academically, mostly due to not actually turning up for class. It was noted by his teachers that he was studious about the things that he chose to care about, unfortunately for the schoolmasters that were exploration. This lack of academic achievement early on created difficulty for Alec in his later teens and so his father enrolled him into a The Dahl Merak Naval Training Academy.

At the academy, initial resistance to authority made him popular among his peers, but after a particularly nasty accident in training caused by another cadet discharging a live side-arm in a training environment–Alec suffered internal bleeding which nearly led to his demise, but he was saved by a female student nurse, that would later go on to become his wife. At the Naval Hospital Alec received the devastating news that his mother and father had both been killed at the same time in a double-homicide by an unstable member of the public who perceived Governor James Sharpe to be the cause of the increase of local taxes; despite this not being the case. Alec returned from the Naval Hospital a changed man. His ever-present and roguish smile had dissolved into an ever-present slight frown that has persisted with him to the present day. Alec had sought comfort in the nurse that tended his wounds, and not long after he completed basic training and was commissioned as a Sub-lieutenant, their friendship turned into a courtship and eventual marriage. Alec had married Alice Hartshorne in his home town on Dahl Merak in Christian service.

Alec’s animosity towards the Terran Empire lessened and his admiration for its organisation and command structures grew as his military career went from strength to strength. Alec served aboard various vessels in a variety of command roles including as a solo expeditionary scout in his one-man ship. Alec spent 6 months in an Egaran Prisoner of War Camp and has mild post-traumatic stress as a result. Entering his fourth decade of Naval Service and not long after attaining the rank of Admiral in the Ursa Major Fleet, his wife Alice became ill with a rare form of myeloma and died the year following his promotion leaving him widowed. Alec has two sons, John and William who are both serving Officer Cadets (John a training flight commander and William an engineer) within the Imperial Navy.

That first time Sharpe stepped foot on the ISS Utopia, he was nervous, but the regime had changed several times in the families generations of absence, and a more welcoming and amiable Emperor was seated. Under caretaker Danzo Shimura–Alec was given place on the council, and under Emperor Taveius who succeeded not long after, Alec was raised to the Lordship of Merak, his family entering the aristocracy once more. Over time, becoming a close confidante and subsequently hand picked by the Emperor to serve as his Regent in the period directly following the abdication, Alec was voted in by over two-thirds of the citizens of the Empire to serve as the next Emperor, thus establishing the House of Sharpe as the Imperial Royal Family.

Alec fought in the first great war between the Allies and the ‘xeno’ Pact and oversaw the Terran settlement. Following a lessening of relations and descent into another war, Alec, alongside his trusty adopted a son (and distant relative) Raineer Maltsberger-Sharpe, led the Empire to a swift victory over their enemies, and expanding the borders of the Empire into new territories.