Making NEW ISW!!!

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Re: Making NEW ISW!!!

Post by Tkd_Champ » 17 Jan 2009, 17:23

Haha sweet, a familiar face. :mrgreen: What have you been up to lately? And I assume there's no news of ISW2?

I found john's mail and I mailed him on his mail and forums. I hope john still plays this one game we had played after ISW was shut down.

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Re: Making NEW ISW!!!

Post by lord of chaos » 18 Jan 2009, 02:33

TKD I remember you!

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Re: Making NEW ISW!!!

Post by machinehr » 18 Jan 2009, 11:35

I'm at uni now :) and the only gaming I've done lately is audiosurf :P
Nope, no news of ISW2 I'm afraid :(

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